Swim in your own natural waterfront aqua-colored pool in the calm Caribbean.  When you step into the water, it is only 2-3 feet in depth and then gently slopes deeper.  Just about 15-20 feet away you can begin to enjoy one of the best snorkeling areas on the island, where you will see a large variety of colorful fish swimming around numerous types of beautiful (and expansive) coral reefs.   This picture was taken 10 feet from shore with a plastic underwater camera.


After some swimming and snorkeling, you can enjoy a nice picnic by the waterfront.

And then maybe some hiking through several cleared and marked nature trails.

One of the trails will lead you to “Paradise Caves”, our very own historical Caves where island folklore has it that early settlers sought refuge from Pirates in their search for this island of “freedom!”


And if you want to come up for air, take a walk up “Le Mirador”, a three story viewing tower where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the island while capturing full island breezes (a great spot for a picnic!).
This is all available to you without ever having to drive anywhere. Every day can be a new water and nature adventure right outside your door.


However, when you’re ready to explore the rest of the island, you’ll find you are in a great location with some of the island’s best beaches and amenities just 5 minutes down the road from the property.

Nearby beach:


Nearby club with restaurant and swim-up pool bar: